Science Meets Regions- Th!nk East Netherlands

Smart Health:
​​​​​​​Integration of Communities of Care in Interregional and Regional S3 Implementation

How to integrate communities of care in regional ecosystems and ensure their role in strengthening innovation? The different ecosystem players and all interested organisations are invited to discuss this challenge in a workshop.

During the session, a trainer from the European Joint Research Centre will guide the participants in search of different perspectives on the challenge. In Europe already several initiatives have emerged such as the Vanguard Initiative Pilot on Smart Health and Transform. After a brief introduction on their approach, the session aims to engage stakeholders to produce concrete actions and practical manners to engage communities of care in innovation.

The workshop will take place in the context of the Health Valley 2022 event.


Opening Welcome Th!nk East Netherlands and programme outline
Karolien De Bruine, EU liaison Regional Development Agency- OostNL

Introduction VI SMR sessions
Eleonora Nadin, representing Vanguard Initiative

Introduction Showcase East Netherlands: Community of care
Vechtdal Dieger ten Berge, programma manager Vitaal Vechtdal

European views on communities of care: Transform
Gefra Fulane, Programme Manager, Transform network

Interactive session under the guidance of Paolo Martinez (Futour) on reframing the challenge of connecting communities of care to the (interregional) S3.

The agenda is available here.